Umbrella Academy season 1 episode 2 recap
The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

The world is ending in eight days, whether the former Umbrella Academy takes it seriously or not. Number 5’s frustration continued to grow as his trust in his siblings waned further despite repeated attempts to comprehend and help. Hazel and Cha-Cha’s arrival only exacerbated 5’s stress level. There’s clearly more to 5’s story. Details that he chose to withhold from his family and have time traveling secret agents on his trail. The world is ending in eight days, but those days are going to be long ones for the Hargreeves.

Forced Exclusion

Allison prepares to leave the mansion but ends up in a fight via telephone with her ex-husband Patrick. She wants to see their daughter, Claire, but Patrick refuses as he has full custody of her. Vanya overhears the fight and tries to comfort Allison afterward, but she refutes Vanya’s aid. Allison ridicules her for trying to understand interpersonal bonds when she always separated herself from the others. Vanya points out that Reginald forced her childhood exclusion but Allison takes the chance to throw Vanya’s book back in her face before leaving. A new violin student with similar family issues named Leonard offers Vanya the chance to finally make a connection with someone but she deflects an invitation to his wood shop.

Hazel & Cha-Cha

The team Number 5 took out at the donut shop get backup in the form of agents Hazel and Cha-Cha. The two retrieve a package of weapons from a hotel and begin pursuing 5, believing him to still resemble his 58 year old self. Hazel stashes their time travel briefcase in an air vent and the two head to the donut shop in pursuit of their former co-worker. The donut shop shootout leads them to Syd, the tow truck driver that met 5. They torture him, believing him to be Number 5, until he tells them about the kid for whom he bought coffee.

Syd’s info leads them to a department store where they run into Number 5 reuniting with a mannequin named Dolores that served as his only companion in the future. The two open fire on him, almost destroying Dolores. Number 5 evades them, getting a few slices in, but is forced to hide when he begins having trouble teleporting. Hazel and Cha-Cha bolt when the police arrive on the scene, leaving Number 5 huddled behind a counter, clutching what is left of Dolores to his chest.

Makings Of A Mission

Luther remains convinced that there is more to Reginald’s death and a heart to heart with Allison doesn’t deter him from investigating. Her warnings about turning their father’s death into a mission fall on deaf ears. Elsewhere, Diego is arrested by old flame detective Patch after interfering in her investigation of the donut shop shooting. She releases him but threatens jail time if she catches him again. Diego’s vigilantism amounts to an Umbrella Academy-esque fantasy to her. The frustration doesn’t keep her from following a tip from Diego where she finds Syd’s body still chained up from Hazel and Cha-Cha’s torture.

Diego returns to his boiler room apartment in the back of a boxing gym to find someone in his home. He cracks the door and fires a knife inside, barely missing a sitting Luther. Diego kicks him out after Luther discovers that Diego was boxing the night their father died. Luther returns home but is soon beckoned by Allison. Pogo’s introduction of Reginald’s surveillance footage of the Hargreeves’ childhood to cheer up Allison revealed an unmarked tape. Allison sees something on the tape that proves Luther right.


Number 5’s trust in Vanya diminishes when she questions his apocalyptic warning. He leaves her apartment in the dead of night in pursuit of the owner of a glass eye he found in the future. The eye is made by a company named Meritech. Number 5 visits the company’s office but is unable to learn the eye’s owner despite threatening a doctor.

Vanya finds Number 5 at the mansion and both apologize to one another. He expresses doubt about what he saw in the future, chalking it up to time travel’s effect on the brain. This turns out to be a ruse as Number 5 recruits Klaus, who is in constant contact with Ben’s soul, for another attempt to crack Meritech. Klaus poses as Number 5’s father but devolves to framing the doctor for assault by bloodying himself. The plan garners peculiar results as the eye not only doesn’t have an owner but it hasn’t even been made yet. He teleports into a taxi afterward, not wanting to listen to Klaus’ musings any longer.

Number 5 returns to the mansion with Dolores just as Allison informs Luther about the unmarked tape. Luther offers him help he refuses it. There’s nothing any of his siblings can do. The moment sparks 5’s memory of finding his siblings dead in the rubble of the Hargreeves mansion. Number 5 pries the Meritech eye out of Luther’s hand before finding each of his siblings dead. All but Vanya.

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