Lauren Cohan Teases a Possible Walking Dead Spinoff

Earlier this season, Lauren Cohan’s Maggie was written out of The Walking Dead after a nearly eight season run. However, Maggie is still alive, and the door is open for Cohan to return. At the TCA press tour, Cohan was asked about any plans to reprise her role. And apparently, the possibility of a Maggie-centric spinoff has been discussed.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, Cohan said “There may have been some conversations, but everything is so early days ambiguous. Me, as much as anybody, we’ll have to see what happens.”

Cohan also addressed her departure, which was rumored to be acrimonious. “I don’t even think that it was bad,” noted Cohan. “It was like, I’ve done the show for a long time. It was a long time to be in any character and sometimes you just get quiet and listen to your inner-guidance and it’s time to multitask.”

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Any potential return for Maggie would depend upon the success or failure of Cohan’s new show, Whiskey Cavalier. It’s an action dramedy on ABC that features Cohan and Scott Foley as globetrotting secret agents. If that series takes off, Cohan’s availability for any additional TV projects will be greatly limited.

Andrew Lincoln is reprising his role as Rick Grimes in three Walking Dead TV movies. Whether Maggie would get her own miniseries or TV movie remains to be seen. As Cohan noted herself, the details are still “ambiguous” at best.

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