Young Justice: Outsiders episode 6 recap

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 6 Recap

Earth’s heroes’ ranks grew once again as Young Justice: Outsiders entered its final episode of the week. After being exiled from his hive on New Genesis, Forager became the latest outcast to find a home in Happy Hollow. Forager’s time with his new hive began just as Brion and Halo decided to search for Brion’s sister, Tara. Unfortunately, their hastily made plans sent them headlong into a battle with the League of Shadows. Young Justice: Outsiders episode 6 finally set the stage for this new team to come together.

Running Crew

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 6 Recap

Dick finally gets some downtime, paying a surprise visit to his lover, Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Oracle. The two share a kiss before her numerous monitors blare the message “Match Found.” It seems that their search for Halo’s true identity has finally paid off.

M’gann returns to Happy Hollow with Forager as Brion and Halo’s friendship continues to grow. Brion excitedly welcomes Forager, empathizing with his fellow exile. They hit it off so well that M’gann suggests they room together in the Bioship. Both like the idea, although they are initially skeptic about living in an organic, sentient RV. The good vibes are interrupted by a call from Helga. She apologizes to Brion once again before revealing that Tara might still be alive after Frederick shipped her away. Dick believes that she may be working with the League of Shadows after reviewing the details of a recent assassination via boulder attributed to them. Tara’s powers could be similar to Brion’s since meta traits are hereditary.

Brion is ready to go at the drop of a hat, but Dick points out that they can’t rush in on a simple hunch. Brion relents, but calls Helga, telling her he is going after Tara without Dick’s team. Halo and Forager overhear the conversation and decide to accompany Brion to the League’s base on Infinity Island. The three board Sphere and head out.

Infinity Island

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 6 Recap

Brion, Halo, and Forager arrive on a curiously quiet Infinity Island. The trio sneak their way further into the League’s domain as Halo expounds about what her real name should be versus her code name of Halo. She settles on Violet as they come across Sensei meditating. He tells them they’re looking in the wrong place and questions whether Tara even wants her brother to find her. The provocation spurs Brion to attack, but the fight ends quickly when Sensei takes Halo hostage and snaps her neck.

Brion, Forager, and Sphere are imprisoned with Halo’s corpse. Halo unexpectedly reanimates to the surprise of her friends and an observing Ra’s al Ghul. Connor breaks down the door soon afterward, freeing them. Dick deduced their actions after discovering they were gone. The group encounters Ra’s, but he simply tells them to leave. He also reveals that he is no longer leading the League of Shadows nor is he a member of the Light. Ra’s chooses not to reveal the identity of the current head of the League and the team leaves the island.

After they depart, Talia emerges while holding a baby (Damian Wayne?). A red-hooded ninja recognizes Dick after he leaves, prompting Ra’s to remark that his memory is coming back. Perhaps the second Robin, Jason Todd, isn’t dead after all.

My Name Is Violet

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 6 Recap

Brion’s apology does little to satisfy Dick. Tensions subside when Brion, Halo, and Forager pledge to remain a team outside the purview of the Justice League, falling in line with Dick’s new squad. Dick finally gives in and acknowledges the obvious fact that he is leading a new team of heroes.

Dick chooses this time to reveal that Oracle has uncovered Halo’s identity. Her real name is Gabrielle Daou. She is a 16 year old Quraci refugee who served in the Markovian palace. The news sparks Halo’s memories of experiencing prejudice and discrimination within Markovia. She sternly declares that she is not Gabrielle: “My name is Violet.”

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