Runaways season 2 episode 13 recap

Runaways Season 2 Episode 13 Recap

A season’s worth of moves and motivations came to a head during the Runaways’ season finale. Chase’s new allegiance with PRIDE further strained his relationship with the rest of the team. It appears more and more that his faith in his parents’ reclamation project is ill advised, but PRIDE doesn’t seem to mind. It only helps obscure their true motives. Especially as multiple PRIDE members keep acting increasingly strange. The human enemy might not be the one to worry about in the future, but present battles still need to be fought.

My Betrothed

Runaways Season 2 Episode 13 Recap

Xavin has a crisis of devotion before those battles can happen. The shapeshifter reveals her past as a stowaway turned engineer on Jonah’s ship. She believes Karolina to be her intended after seeing her luminance. Karolina tries to let Xavin down easy, but her attempts are met with a proposal that Nico interrupts.

The team question Xavin and Leslie’s motives and presence in the mansion while Xavin enjoys a ketchup-dipped donut. Karolina ultimately decides that Leslie must leave as the team prepares to meet Chase. Xavin wants to join them to protect Karolina but she is told to remain behind to watch over Leslie. Karolina decrees herself to be no one’s messiah or betrothed as the group leaves.

Leslie points out that Xavin is taking the wrong approach with Karolina. Both are young and need to grow up before making such heavy commitments. Xavin points back to the prophecy, including its inclusion of Leslie’s unborn child. The child’s father is the magistrate according to Xavin. Of course, the magistrate is Jonah. A shocked Leslie clutches her stomach as Xavin reveals Jonah’s family escaped the blast and tells her they will be coming for the child.

A New Deal

Runaways Season 2 Episode 13 Recap

Chase convinces the group to meet him in secrecy after revealing PRIDE’s intention to take them by force if they don’t voluntarily return. Nico wastes no time labeling Chase an outsider, but her words don’t deter his warnings. Chase stresses that they can’t stand up to PRIDE’s firepower and they should return so they can put PRIDE’s resources to good use. The group view Chase’s trust in their parents as misplaced and pass on the offer. As a last resort to convince them, Chase reveals PRIDE’s intention to wipe their memories, erasing their bonds and memories of one another. Gert thinks that might not be the worst idea after Chase’s betrayal and the group remains unswayed.

After Chase’s failure, PRIDE’s assault goes into action with a flurry of drones. The machines aren’t fazed by the group’s collected powers, forcing them to split up as they retreat. Nico and Karolina are forced to separate after being cornered. They exchange a heartfelt confirmation of their love before Karolina leads the drone away. Gert and Molly take cover in a street market, but the Yorkes aren’t far behind. Alex, running solo, steals a car and leads his parents on a high-speed chase before losing them in an alley. Geoffrey and Catherine, armed with tranq guns, search for him as he takes aim with Darius’ gun from a fire escape above.

Rescues & Revenge

Runaways Season 2 Episode 13 Recap

Each of the Runaways is set to face off with their parents on their chosen battlefield. Molly and Gert split up in order to separate their pursuers. Molly is able to shake Dale after telling some Hispanic customers that he is a pedophile. Gert isn’t so lucky. She is cornered and knocked out by Stacey as Dale returns. Stacey’s newfound level of malevolence once again shocks Dale, but he still helps her remove Gert from the shop.

Nico faces off with Tina and Robert at PRIDE headquarters. Though initially defeated, the Staff awakens her inner darkness, causing her to rise and shatter the conference room windows. The blast severely wounds Robert, leaving Tina to tend to him as Nico escapes. Alex wildly fires his gun, drawing the attention of his parents. They rush back to find Alex waiting as the LAPD rush to the scene. The police find the gun in Geoffrey’s car, tying him to Darius’ murder. Geoffrey and Catherine are arrested as Alex returns to the mansion.

Karolina escapes into a warehouse, but Victor arrives shortly thereafter to continue the pursuit. Karolina blasts him, but Victor pops right back up. He deploys power suppressors, trapping Karolina until Xavin appears and frees her. Victor recognizes Xavin and blasts the shapeshifter. Karolina finally realizes that Victor is being possessed by Jonah. He tells her that he’s taking everything now, including her. Jonah blasts his daughter and returns with her to Janet and Chase. They also figured out Jonah’s new identity, but they meet the same fate.

New Family, New Sacrifices

Runaways Season 2 Episode 13 Recap

Gert awakens to find herself caged in the back of a car. She sees Old Lace in a trailer being pulled behind the vehicle and discovers that Dale is the driver. He tells her they’re running away from Stacey due to her growing knack for heartless violence. Gert is forced to accept her father’s protection as the trio get back on the road.

Nico, Molly and Alex reunite after their battles, before quickly realizing that Gert and Karolina are missing. Nico and Molly begin to freak out as Xavin arrives. She informs the group that Jonah has Karolina and that Jonah’s family has returned.

Tina, Victor, and Stacey meet at Victor’s home, though none of them are who they appear to be. Jonah is of course inhabiting Victor, but his wife and daughter have taken Stacey and Tina as respective host bodies. The three celebrate their reunion, but question who Jonah’s son has taken for a host. They question if he has taken one of the children as a host before telling them about the human sacrifices needed to maintain their host bodies. It looks they’ll need that knowledge because Jonah plans to rebuild their ship. And he already has three sacrifices on ice: Janet, Chase, and Karolina.

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