Runaways season 2 episode 6 recap

Runaways Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

So far, Runaways’ second season has dropped its fair share of bombshells. With the season’s midpoint rapidly approaching, the show let many of them ripple through the makeshift family, causing results both predictable and unseen. Fractures have begun to form within the group at the worst possible time though. As always, Jonah has something up his sleeve regardless of any good will earned through his interactions with Karolina. Now it’s time to recap Runaways season 2 episode 6!

New Plans

Runaways Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Jonah surprises the members of PRIDE when he returns with Robert’s body. He dismisses that attempt on his life, saying that he only needs PRIDE for a few more days in order to complete his task of unearthing his trapped ship. He doles out roles for the operation, excluding Geoffrey and Catherine, who he says are no longer of use to him. The PRIDE puts up some resistance, but Jonah twists their arms by threatening their children. Jonah goes on to reveal that he knows exactly where they are.

The Yorkes point out that removing the ship will still kill their children, along with all of California. However, Jonah swats the argument down. He promises that the ship’s removal will not cause an earthquake as previously believed. The news is reassuring, but not all of them are buying it. The group revives Robert after Jonah leaves, ultimately deciding to decode the Abstract to validate Jonah’s claim. They plan to consult Janet, who has been working to decode the alien text. But they’ll have to do it without Geoffrey and Catherine though, who leave after begrudgingly citing Jonah’s opinion of their usefulness.

Miracles & Matriarchs

Runaways Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

While laid up in the hospital, Gert telepathically apologizes to Old Lace for abandoning her. Gert asks Old Lace to protect the others. The moment is interrupted when Janet arrives to sign for her medication. It seems that Gert assumed Chase’s identity, meaning Chase’s parents would be called instead of her own. Janet signs for Gert medication and lets her go without incident, though she comes face-to-face with Chase afterward.

Janet tries to get Chase to come home, but he refuses to go with her, She warns him that Jonah is on the prowl for another sacrifice to heal himself. Chase and Gert leave to inform the others. The crew decide to prevent the sacrifice from being made, with Karolina determining it will occur somewhere within the Church of Gibborim. Karolina distracts the congregation with a light show misconstrued as a miracle while the group infiltrates the building. They find Victor’s stasis box alongside two sealed pods. Nico and Molly open one, revealing Geoffrey, who had been attacked earlier by Jonah. They rescue him and hold him prisoner at the mansion, with Alex telling him he’s under his roof now.

Janet has formulated her own plan for taking down Jonah. Believing Jonah’s deal to be too good to be true, she reveals to the Yorkes her intention to use the translated Abstract to shut down Jonah’s ship. Her interaction with Chase and Gert upsets the Yorkes, but it doesn’t stop Janet from releasing Victor from his stasis. The two of them have a lot of work to do in order to save everyone.

On The Rocks

Runaways Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

A successful mission doesn’t quell the tension created between Gert and Chase. Chase is upset that Gert’s selfish acts caused an unexpected reunion with his mother at the hospital. That only compounded when he couldn’t free his father from stasis at the church. Chase decides he’s moving into his own bedroom despite Gert’s remorse for her actions. She tries once again to apologize to him after the mission, but Chase remains distant. He tells her they’ll talk about things later, but it does little to ease the tension between them.

The Right Thing

Runaways Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

They aren’t the only couple stuck in a quarrel. Nico and Karolina are working through their own issues. Karolina’s building trust in Jonah leads her to speak to her mother, Leslie, about him. Leslie warns her daughter about Jonah’s true nature, telling her about his role in the death of Nico’s sister, Amy. Hiding all of this from Nico causes them to fight constantly, resulting in Karolina moving into her own bedroom. Both ask Alex for advice, but neither are able to work through things until the night after the mission.

Karolina returns to the bed she once shared with Nico, telling her she has been keeping things from her. She tells her about her meetings with Jonah, her trapped family at the bottom of the dig site and Jonah’s culpability in the murder of her sister. Karolina hugs Nico, remarking that her honesty means their issues are finally over. Unfortunately, Nico’s blank, angry expression says otherwise.

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