worst tv shows of 2018

Superhero Hype’s 7 Worst TV Shows of 2018

2018 was a banner year for TV comic book adaptations as the vast majority of shows found and enthralled audiences both wide-ranged and niche alike. There really is something for everyone out there, thanks to the rise of Netflix, Amazon, and the endless cable channels.The comic book television landscape will only continue to grow in 2019, but that expansion sometimes comes at the cost of quality.

Many shows flourished while upping their storytelling game, and offering juicy character development, as well as social commentary. However, other shows faltered. To be sure, it’s very difficult to craft a weighty, consequential narrative while balancing the outlandish nature associated of comic book storytelling. There were bound to be a few failures. 

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Highlighting these failures, both minute and daunting, is what this list is about. “Worst” may not be the most accurate word to describe these seven shows, but they were very disappointing at the very least.

A dishonorable mention goes out to Jessica Jones. The second season failed to meet even half the mark set by the show’s initial outing. That can be partially attributed to Netflix’s structure mandates, but that doesn’t absolve Jessica Jones from its own sins. Aside from another stellar performance from Krysten Ritter, the second season of Jessica Jones failed to impress. The show definitely needs to revisit the drawing board, but its pedigree kept it off the list this go around. At least Jessica Jones will have one more shot at it when the show’s third, and likely final, season drops in 2019.

Now it’s time to look back at our picks for the seven worst TV shows of 2018. Which shows would you place on this list? Let us know in the comment section below!