Runaways Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Runaways was a milestone for Marvel Television. It doesn’t mention any of the MCU’s key players like Netflix’s shows. Instead the first season built a rich mythology of it’s own that largely stands alone. From the Runaways to the PRIDE it’s all a fresh take on Marvel’s Universe. The story of six teenagers and their supervillain parents left a number of mysteries unsolved in season 1. Now it’s time to break down Runaways season 2 episode 1: “Gimme Shelter.”

‘Maybe You Need More Then Just Men’

Runaways Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

After a recap of the first season, the show starts with the parents (seemingly) rejoining their children. It turns out to be a different group of children. The PRIDE decide the police can’t find their kids.The audience catches up with the kids being hassled by a man on a bike. The bike rider has stolen Chase’s fistigons. Alex soon realizes he’s been robbed as well. Nico declares that the group “sucks at being runaways.”

Afterwards, the Runaways arrive at a PRIDE run homeless shelter. Alex volunteers to go to get money. Nico questions Alex’s motivations and points out that he wanted to leave Karolina when she was kidnapped last season. He promises to get them more money. The group then sees that Molly’s aunt Graciela has the tape her parents gave her last season. The tape contains proof of the PRIDE’s villainous activities.

Meanwhile, Tina Minoru reveals a new command center to help them find their kids. The PRIDE debate their next steps, and decide to interrogate Graciela. As for the Runaways, Alex has met with his father’s former partner, Darius, who intends to utilize Alex’s skills for unknown purposes.

The Tape

Runaways Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Everyone headed over to Graciela’s. Gert helps Karolina and Chase steal a car by pretending to be an angry Hollywood couple. Alex, and the other separated members of the Runaways, goes to work for Darius. Darius retrieved the gun he gave to Alex last season, possibly to frame him. Darius takes Alex to his home and reveals that he wants Alex to paint a room for his son. Everyone is still after Graciela however, and Molly and Gert’s parents make it to her first. They attempt to get her to reveal where Molly is. However, Graciela retaliates by pulling out a gun and shooting the tape that Molly’s parents left behind.

As Molly and Gert’s parents retreat, Tina Minoru arrives. She uses the Staff of One to kill Graciela. The kids arrive shortly thereafter in their stolen car and discover Graciela’s body. Meanwhile, Alex is introduced to Livvy, the sister of Darius’ girlfriend. As the Runaways are faced with Graciela’s death and the PRIDE is faced with failure, it’s time to pause and take stock for both groups. The PRIDE regroups, and Nico and the Runaways hold a funeral for Graciela witnessed by all the homeless people in their new encampment.

The Funeral

Runaways Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

After the funeral, the kids share a few tender moments. Nico and Karolina share a kiss as Chase comforts Gert. Molly encourages the group to take action. Alex returns to the group with money from Darius. For the PRIDE, things take a completely different turn. Chase’s father, Victor, is revealed to be in some sort of healing matrix. Using PRIDE technology, they’re working to heal his body. They’ve put Victor Stein’s mind in stasis. Victor is interrupted by Jonah, who tells him he’s going somewhere and needs help. He reveals he’s aging again like he did in season 1. Victor and Jonah plan to build another box to heal each other.

It’s Starting

Runaways Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

The PRIDE discuss Tina’s actions and Graciela’s death. They deduce that someone that is alive and talking. There’s also some unsettling noise coming from the hole created by the PRIDE. Meanwhile, the kids are attacked at their homeless campsite. The guy on the bike from the beginning of the episode is using Chase’s fistigons. He fires several shots into the homeless population before riding off on bikes. “Mike on a Bike” takes off and the Runaways pursue him. Desperate to stop him, Gert summons Old Lace who attacks Mike. They catch him, before Karolina falls through a hole and discovers an underground mansion in the Hollywood

The group explores their new home. The next morning, Jonah stares across the Hollywood hills. He’s joined shortly by Karolina, who is anxious and concerned. Jonah tells her there’s no reason for her to be afraid. She wants to learn who and what she is. Jonah holds the information over her head as an earthquake starts. She leans into his embrace and asks what’s happening. Jonah tells her that “It’s starting”. Before the screen fades to black.

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