Black Lightning season 2 episode 9 recap

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Freeland’s fractures became personified as Black Lightning closed out the first half of its season. Jennifer and an injured Khalil remain on the run with both Black Lightning and Tobias’s hired gun, Cutter, on their trail. The fearlessness of youth could prove to be their folly, but being on their own might unlock something within themselves as well.

Fear Begets Strength

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Jennifer and Khalil hide in an abandoned barn following Cutter’s attack. Khalil isn’t doing so hot. His healing factor isn’t stopping him from becoming feverish, rendering him too weak to continue moving. Jennifer leaves in search of medicine for him. She shorts out a hospital’s security system to gain access to copious amounts of antibiotics and other medications. After narrowly avoiding Jefferson and Anissa, Jennifer heads back with Cutter not far behind.

The meds unfortunately do little to quell Khalil’s illness. His condition continues to deteriorate as Jennifer comforts her beau. The two express how special they are to one another as Cutter looks on from a distance. She lets Tobias know that Khalil is well on his way to dying thanks to her poisoned blade, but Tobias reiterates that he wants Khalil alive. The frustrated assassin continues to monitor the barn as Jennifer steps outside to pray and weep for Khalil. She quickly hears the buzzing of electric current. She looks inward in order to use her powers to illuminate Cutter’s organic electric current. She bolts at the site, giving Cutter an opening to enter the barn. That opening closes quickly when Jenn takes Cutter down, knocking her out.

Covering More Ground

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Narrowly missing Jennifer at the hospital was just the beginning of the Pierce family’s efforts to find its missing member. Jennifer might’ve gotten away unseen, but the power surge she created gives her away. Being so close drives Jefferson to go after her in his street clothes, but Gambi implores him to remain rational. Such an act would risk harm and exposure of Jefferson’s identity. The two ultimately scuffle before Jefferson sees the light. The group later decides to split up in order to search for Jennifer.

Lynn tracks down Khalil’s father, Kito, believing he might know where Khalil would go. Kito, fresh out of jail, has little information for Lynn. He does reveal that Khalil had his own residence outside of Tobias’s home.

With all possibilities exhausted, Jefferson decides to increase the voltage sensor in his goggles to identify Jennifer’s location. This finally yields a result as the distraught dad singles in on an old barn.

New Recruit

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

A young black scientist named Todd erupts in anger at the news that he is being passed over for a grant in favor of a less qualified rich, white man. He leaves the building to find an invitation from Tobias in his car. Todd turns up at Club 100 that night. Tobias informs him that he’s followed his achievements for some time and wants to offer him the chances and funding that racial biases prevent. Todd seems resistant, citing his own research into Tobias’s past.

Todd returns to Tobias later that night. He questions Tobias’ motives before declining the offer. Tobias expected this though, painting Todd’s rebuke as an attempt to feel powerful. He understands and promises more power to Todd if he decides to join him. Tobias drops $100,000 into Todd’s bank account and Todd exuberantly signs on with the menace of Freeland.

Ride or Die

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Cutter wakes up bound and blindfolded as Jennifer zaps her for information. Convinced that Cutter has something that could help Khalil, Jennifer threatens the assassin with her own poison blades. Cutter reveals that her necklace contains an antidote after being cut on the cheek. Khalil’s condition quickly improves and the two leave a KO’d Cutter tied up in the barn. Later, Black Lightning enters the barn, only to find it empty. Jennifer’s fate remains unknown to her family, leaving Lynn wrecked emotionally.

Jennifer and Khalil are back on the road out of Freeland, but Khalil tells Jennifer that she should go back to her family. He believes she deserves better than a life of constant running. However, Jennifer isn’t going anywhere. They’re in this together. The two speed down the road hand-in-hand.

Elsewhere, a teleporting hitman kills multiple men in a honky tonk. He gets a phone call and is apparently on his way to Freeland after shooting the last remaining man in the bar.

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