Black Lightning season 2 episode 7 recap

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

The meta melee carried on once again on this week’s Black Lightning. The titular hero found himself embroiled in a South Freeland civil war thanks to his daughter, Anissa. A war waged across racial lines is right up Black Lightning’s alley, and having a black meta in the fight finally evens the field against Looker. On the other hand, Jefferson’s involvement undoubtedly means the fight will spill into Freeland proper in no time.

A Proud White American

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

It doesn’t take long for Black Lightning to gain an audience with Looker. Unfortunately, it does not occur under preferred circumstances as he runs out of juice mid-fight with a group of Sange. He is knocked unconscious and bound in Looker’s basement as the new foe enters. However, using her Element to empower South Freeland’s white community to persecute its black community isn’t enough of a window into her cultural philosophy. Calling herself a proud white American, Looker runs through a laundry list of racist rhetoric and talking points. They even have the Stars & Bars draped across a wall.

Jefferson, stripped of his suit and mask, has none of it, pointing out how the Sange killed and hung multiple black people from trees in the forest. He tells her how much fun it will be to take her down before she begins torturing him via electrocution. The Darwin award winner demands to know the location of Anaya’s other baby when she senses the child’s location via Element. She leaves Black Lightning to die via the thing that it literally in his name to take the white twin.

Lights Out

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Obviously Black Lightning escapes his captors. He thanks them for the recharge and easily takes out his Sange guards. He dons his suit once again and whisks the black twin away as he heads back to Freeland. He makes one more interest discovery en route, when he comes across Gambi’s wrecked drone. The transmitter is still live, leading him to believe Gambi is still alive. He warns Anissa that Looker is heading her way. Anissa hides Anaya and her child while Jefferson leaves the other child with Henderson for safe keeping.

With both babies and other innocents safely stashed away, it’s time to fight. Anissa suits up as Thunder and does well at holding off Looker and her crew. Looker eventually gets the upper hand and is about to kill Thunder when Black Lightning joins the fray. The father-daughter combo push the Sange back and impale Looker on a piece of metal shelving. Looker goes limp, releasing her Sange allies from their Element-induced enslavement. They scurry away as the heroes determine that the gravely wounded Looker must be turned over to the ASA.

Odd Yet Perfect

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Jennifer is fighting her own emotional battle while the punches fly. Her feelings of being trapped and confined by her family continue to persist. She believes she’s not being allowed to live her life because of her powers, which she is sure her parents blame themselves for in some part. Her ultimate fear is that no one will understand her, which could be part of her motivation to continue rekindling things with Khalil. However, Khalil might not feel the same way, as he doesn’t see his current incarnation as good enough for Jennifer. The youngest Pierce empowers Khalil to fully rebel against Tobias. She also knows Painkiller isn’t the real Khalil.

The pep talk leads Khalil to confront Rev. Holt one more time. His demands that Holt leave Freeland are now met with Holt’s handgun. The reverend reiterates his lack of fear of Tobias while dressing down who Khalil has become. Khalil cuts bait on trying to convince the stubborn man and leaves only to run into Tobias on the street. Khalil bolts, hiding in an alley as Tobias’s men pursue. He calls Jennifer to say goodbye, but she isn’t having any of it. She makes her way to the alley, knocking out all the lights and electronics in the area. She leads Khalil through the darkness to safety before revealing her powers to Khalil.

Khalil is surprised that Jennifer didn’t give up on him, but finds little difference in their situations and self-perceptions. Jennifer calls herself a freak. Khalil quickly corrects her, telling her she’s beautiful. The two entrapped youngsters share their first kiss in ages, complete with a small electric shock on the end.

The Missing

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Looker’s incarceration leaves many loose ends to rectify. Anaya returns to her family with the fear that she will be rejected for laying with a white man. That fear is pushed aside when her father takes both of her twins in his arms and the two mourn her mother’s death. Jefferson tracks Gambi to a motel room. The walking ball of conflicting feelings is reunited with his father figure. He embraces him tightly, allowing love and family to supersede any frustration present in himself. Gambi is family after all.

However, closure isn’t universal. Lynn returns home to find Jennifer gone. She and Jefferson visit Perenna for clues about her whereabouts, but she isn’t very forthcoming. She says she is more than likely with a special boy before changing the subject to Jennifer’s powers. Their daughter is powerful beyond anything she has ever seen and stresses that they not push her away for fear of the consequences. The first taste of those follows soon thereafter when Jennifer and Khalil agree to run away together, driving off into the Freeland night.

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