Black Lightning season 2 episode 4 recap

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Freeland PD might have Tobias in custody, but Black Lightning knows that is only the first step in dealing with the ageless menace. The latest chapter in the Book of Consequences displayed fractures, both physical and philosophical, in the Pierces’ artifice. The family has survived worse, but their focus and solidarity might be threatened due to their individual tasks at hand.


Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

The first of these issues presented involved a clash in approach between Jefferson and his daughter, Anissa. Gambi lets Jefferson in on Anissa’s recent Robin Hood-esque escapades after her latest theft. He confronts her about it, pointing out that her act made the clinic a target, rather than saving it. He stresses that as heroes the two have rules to follow. Anissa’s push back warrants the dreaded “under my roof” remark, prompting Anissa to move out. Anissa crashes with Gambi until Thunder and Black Lightning are called in to save the clinic from a bomber hired by Tobias. Jefferson offers her his father’s old house to live in after the two come to an understanding on their personal codes.

Former ASA spotter Kara has a similar crisis. She comes to Gambi after taking a harpoon to the stomach courtesy of Tobias. However, it appears that she took too long to seek treatment, because she is dying from sepsis in Gambi’s basement. She initially refuses to tell him what she knows about Proctor’s briefcase, but relents when she realizes Gambi isn’t manipulating her. She informs him that Tobias is in possession of the briefcase and gives him her phone as she dies.

Under This Roof

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Anissa isn’t the only one struggling with forces beyond their control. Jefferson’s post-principal days at Garfield aren’t going so well. He breaks up a fight in the hallway, calming the two young men while having them reflect on hate’s burden. The cooled situation reignites when principal Lowry wields his power, expelling one student and suspending the other for fighting. This doesn’t sit well with Jefferson who confronts Lowry in his office. His avocation for the students falls on deaf ears. Lowry tells Jefferson that he doesn’t need “Black Jesus” and that Jefferson can leave Garfield if he has an issue. Jefferson promises to take Garfield back after reflection.

The same controlling atmosphere permeates the Pierce home. Anissa can move out, but Jennifer is stuck there. While she is sad that Anissa is leaving, Jennifer is more concerned that she won’t have a confidant as she learns to control her powers. Her last session with Pereena manifested as a fight with Khalil, surely due to the constant flow of messages he sends her. The Khalil-related power spikes move into the real world when she fries her laptop after receiving a message from him.

The amalgam of issues in her training and a new threat to the family from Dr. Helga Jace leads Jefferson and Lynn to decide to home school her. Jennifer runs away, meeting Khalil in Garfield.

I’m Back

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Tobias is within Henderson’s grasp following his arrest. The only issue is that all evidence linking Tobias to Alvin Pierce’s murder has disappeared. Henderson believes that Det. Summers helped dispose of it before his death, but can’t prove it or Tobias’s guilt. Henderson tells Jefferson of the evidence’s disappearance, prompting him to offer himself as a witness to the crime. This does little more than anger Henderson as Jefferson previously testified that he wasn’t present during his father’s murder. He might believe him, but putting him on the stand wouldn’t hold up under cross-examination. Without proof, Henderson has no choice but to let Tobias walk.

Tobias gives his business associates permission to kill the unknown thief if they help him identify and kill Black Lightning by setting up facial recognition cameras outside of the clinic. Tobias publicly twists the knife in Jefferson heart by wishing healing and justice be served upon the Pierce family. An exonerated Tobias is now free to exist publicly for the first time in years. He announces his return to his associates with a toast from the stage of Club 100.

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