The Orville Season 2 Teaser Puts Captain Mercer Under the Gun

It’s been almost a year since The Orville season 1 came to an end, but the sci-fi comedy is returning to Fox in just over two months. On Sunday, Fox dropped a new teaser for The Orville season 2. While some of the clips previously appeared in The Orville‘s Comic-Con trailer, it still offers a taste of the new adventures yet to come.

In terms of story details, there’s not a lot to go in this video. We can assume that Seth MacFarlane’s Captain Ed Mercer will be separated from his ship, as the crew sets out to find him in one of the clips. Presumably, Mercer’s attempt to talk down an alien holding a gun on him is from the same episode. There may also be new enemies on the horizon as Mercer and his crew travel the galaxy. Of course, the show’s signature sense of humor appears to be intact. However, this trailer definitely seems to be playing up the sci-fi adventure aspects of the show.

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Adrianne Palicki co-stars in The Orville as Commander Kelly Grayson, Mercer’s ex-wife and his first officer. The show also features Penny Johnson Jerald as Dr. Claire Finn, Scott Grimes as Lieutenant Gordon Malloy, and Peter Macon as Lieutenant Commander Bortus. Additional cast members include Halston Sage as Lieutenant Alara Kitan, J. Lee as Lieutenant Commander John LaMarr, and Mark Jackson as Isaac.

Star Trek veterans Robert Picardo and Marina Sirtis will guest star during the upcoming season. Additionally, Star Trek: The Next Generation co-star Jonathan Frakes is directing an episode as well.

The Orville season 2 will premiere on Sunday, December 30 on Fox. New episodes will them resume on the series’ Thursday night timeslot. You can watch the new trailer below, then leave a comment and let us know what you think!