Jonah Hex is Back in Front of the Camera

This morning, SpoilerTV learned that Jonah Hex director Jimmy Hayward is going back behind the camera for some additional shooting. Filming will take place between January 18 and February 1. Here are the characters involved:

[CASSIE] – wife of ‘Jonah Hex’ (Josh Brolin). Native American. Pretty, young, sexy.

[TRAVIS] – age 9 (to play younger)… Must be a match to Josh Brolin and Native American ‘Cassie’.

[JEB TURNBULL] – son of ‘Quentin Turnbull’ (John Malkovich). 30 – 35. Skinny, southern accent. Needs one or two days for prosthetics.

[PRESIDENT ANDREW JOHNSON] – 50-60. Look alike, if possible.

[ADVISOR] – to President Johnson. Younger, 1870’s version of a “West Wing” character.

[DEAD GUY] – late 20s/30s. Scary looking.. May need a day for prosthetics/possible make-up.

The action-thriller, also starring Megan Fox, Will Arnett and Michael Shannon, hits theaters on June 18.

Source: SpoilerTV