The Predator of AVP2 Talks

AvPGalaxy has done another Alien vs. Predator 2 interview, this time with Ian Whyte, who played the Predator in both “AVP” and “AVP2.” The interview covers how he became an actor, his experiences on “AVP,” what it was like working with the Strause brothers on “AVP2,” and how the Predator has changed since the first film as well as what we can expect from the upcoming sequel.

Here’s a clip:

AvPGalaxy – Were there many changes to the suit for the second film that might have made it easier for you to wear? I mean, the first suit did look rather bulky.

Ian Whyte – Absolutely! Apart from little design stylisations to make the character unique, the new costume is entirely reminiscent of the original; it was very tight fitting and was designed to make the Predator more svelte, lithe and athletic in appearance.

AvPGalaxy – Which of the two films has been your favourite to work on and why?

Ian Whyte – AVP was a joy to work on because I had never, ever done anything quite like that before. It was a big budget film, with a high profile and it was great to be in a city like Prague for six months. AVP2 has been a real achievement by everyone who worked on it. It was a pleasure to work with old friends again and a pleasure to make some new ones, but if you are putting a gun to my head and asking me to choose, then I would have to say AVP2. AVP was a great film and was hugely successful, but as far as the concept of battles between Aliens and Predators goes; you ain’t seen nothing yet!

You can read the full interview by heading here.

Source: Darkness