UPDATE: John Powell to Score Watchmen?

“Bourne” franchise and X-Men: The Last Stand composer John Powell has posted an interesting update on his MySpace Blog:

The second project is still in preliminary stages. It is entitled The Watchmen, based off the famous graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. No release date has been set for the film, but I’ll be sure to update you if you’re terribly curious.

Many of you have been asking about The Bourne Ultimatum and whether or not I am attached to the project. Let me start off by saying that I heartily enjoy working with director Paul Greengrass (Bourne Supremacy, United 93), and that I would like nothing more to finish the Bourne Trilogy with my work. So, yes, I am working on the next Bourne score, for the record. Filming for the movie hasn’t quite begun yet, but, like the Watchmen, I’ve begun to scribble a few things down.

UPDATE: ‘Dan’ from SoundtrackNet was kind enough to write in and debunk the above!

Unfortunately, John Powell is not only NOT doing THE WATCHMEN at the moment, but his MySpace profile isn’t actually him. This was confirmed by his publicist. There is a lot of fake stuff on MySpace, and unfortunately you were misled.

Source: Dan