David Slade on 30 Days of Night

Most of America has yet to see British director David Slade’s first feature film, the psychological thriller Hard Candy, but it must have impressed producer Sam Raimi of Ghost House Pictures, because he hired the director to turn the Steve Niles-Ben Templesmith horror comic series 30 Days of Night into a feature film.

ComingSoon.net/SuperHeroHype.com spoke to Slade about his vision for the film, which starts shooting in the summer in Alaska and New Zealand. “Brian Nelson’s writing the script, so that means we have a very original take on the genre,” he said. “Indeed, I don’t believe there’s much of the genre left in what we’ve written, but it’s very faithful both to Steve Niles’ writing, and the town and the esthetic–we hope at this point, because we’re not shooting until the summer–will be very close to Ben Templesmith’s artwork. But we’re going to maintain the level of realism.”

Although 30 Days of Night is probably some time off, you can see Slade’s masterful visuals in Hard Candy, which opens in select cities on April 7.

Source: Edward Douglas