David Harbour Creature Commandos DC

David Harbour Offers Creature Commandos Update, Promises ‘Wildly Funny’ Series

David Harbour says DC’s upcoming Creature Commandos series will be a “wildly funny” ride. Speaking to Collider, Harbour provided a brief update on Creature Commandos, the upcoming animated DC series written by James Gunn.

“I didn’t know what it was when it was sent to me; I met with James, and he sort of laid out a lot of stuff,” Harbour said. “It’s really exciting. He considers it some of the best stuff he’s ever written. It’s hilarious, and the character is great. I think it’s been announced that it’s Frankenstein, and it’s a very colorful, terrific character. So, yeah, we’ve started to shoot stuff. I’m not one to really break, but during this, it is wildly funny stuff. So, yeah, we’re shooting. It’s hilarious and I can’t wait for people to see it.”

Along with Harbour voicing Eric Frankenstein, Creature Commandos features a voice cast that includes Frank Grillo as Rick Flag Sr., Indira Varma as the Bride of Frankenstein, Zoë Chao as Nina Mazursky, Alan Tudyk as Doctor Phosphorus, Sean Gunn as G.I. Robot and Weasel, Steve Agee as John Economos, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, and Maria Bakalova as a new character named Princess Ilana Rostovic.

Who are DC’s Creature Commandos?

Created by J.M. DeMatteis and Pat Broderick, the Creature Commandos debuted in 1980’s Weird War Tales #93. The original team included a werewolf named Warren Griffith, a vampire named Vincent Velco, a version of Frankenstein’s monster named Elliot “Lucky” Taylor, and their human leader, Matthew Shrieve. 

Sequential issues of Weird War Tales further enlisted a gorgon named Myrna Rhodes/Dr. Medusa and a machine known as the G.I. Robot/J.A.K.E. 1 onto the team. Other characters such as The Bowman and Gunner MacKay also joined the team in later runs.

The original Weird War Tales series revolved around the Creature Commandos looking for acceptance and belonging while being sent out on various missions during World War II. The Creature Commandos have largely been absent in DC Comics’ recent continuity, with their last major appearance being during the New 52 era.

Creature Commandos is currently expected to release in 2024 on Max.