Ultimate Spider-Man Mobile Game Launching

Leading mobile publisher MFORMA has released its latest Marvel title, Ultimate Spider-Man. The new action platformer, based on Marvel’s popular “Ultimate Spider-Man” comic character and Activision, Inc.’s console video game of the same title, is now available to mobile users in Europe and the U.S. and will soon be available in Asia. Featuring superior graphics and animation, detailed action sequences and plot elements, and the unique ability to play the game as Spider-Man or as Spider-Man’s arch enemy, Venom, Ultimate Spider-Man is the highest quality Spider-Man adaptation ever made for the mobile platform.

“Fans will love how Spider-Man comes vividly to life using a simple single-button web-slinging, wall-climbing mechanic,” said Brian Selzer, MFORMA’s senior director for Marvel Mobile. “They’ll also enjoy being able to play as either Spider-Man or as Venom with two distinctly different gameplay experiences. As Spider-Man, players get to wrap up criminals in webbing, rescue civilians, and fight the nefarious villain, Venom. As Venom, players can indulge their dark side and catch civilians with tentacles, feed on them for strength, and try to hunt down Spider-Man before he can save the day. Overall, the graphics and animations are certain to please even the most discerning Spider-Man fans.”

Ultimate Spider-Man is based on the “Ultimate Spider-Man” series of Spider-Man comics and the Activision console version of the same name. It is a 2-D sideways-scrolling action game that includes a variety of challenging missions, interesting characters and surprises, as well as splash panels from the comics that provide an added layer of interest. Players will recognize villains such as the Green Goblin and Shocker and will feel part of Spider-Man’s world in urban scenes with civilians, police officers, and gangs passing by. When playing as Spider-Man, you can use a wide range of moves, including the wall jump, web swing and rebound attack. When playing as Venom, you can use super jumps, tentacle combos, and the scary “feed attack” while you destroy the city or “feed” on your victims. The game features 24 levels of play, 12 each for Spider-Man and Venom, and a simple, highly-responsive control system that makes this game instantly satisfying to play.

“Comic book adventures will never lose their appeal and ;Ultimate Spider-Man; brings one of the world’s most beloved comic book adventures to the mobile platform with careful attention to detail,” said Selzer. “The game is a joy to play on many levels-it’s fun to experience the incredibly smooth animation of Spider-Man climbing walls, slinging webs and otherwise performing his famous Spider-Man antics, and it’s fun to wreak havoc as the villainous Venom, facing off against the ultimate web-slinging Super Hero.”

For more information, visit MarvelMobile.com.

Source: MFORMA