Jeff Most on Future Crow Films

Moviehole talked to “Crow” franchise producer Jeff Most about possibly more films after The Crow: Wicked Prayer:

Having said that, does that put a nail in a coffin for any future “Crow” instalments?

“I think it will boil down to what fans think of this film”, says Most. “Just because this one went direct to video, doesn’t mean the next one has too… It really becomes a matter of studios supporting the film”.

One rumour doing the rounds is that the Crow could be wearing an evening gown, next time around.

“We’ve talked about a female Crow – that’s something we’ve wanted, and have talked for a great deal of time about. We’ve talked about an African American Crow, we’ve talked about setting The Crow not just in America, but also outside of America, – there’s obviously many, many ways to go. I think The Crow concept is one that’s very vital, very strong, and very heartfelt – the notion of poetic justice, putting things right. I don’t think there’s a need to limit us from a fifth Crow, I’d really like to see the franchise continue, but really, it’s up to the fans”.

That full interview is available at the link above. The site also has up an interview with Edward Furlong talking about the latest installment here.

Source: Moviehole