Simpson Has Shot Mort Test Footage

MTV talked to Marvel Studios’ Avi Arad who says that Jessica Simpson has shot eight minutes of test footage for Mort the Dead Teenager:

The singer and “Dukes of Hazzard” actress shot some sample footage for a big-screen adaptation of the cult Marvel title “Mort the Dead Teenager,” which tells the story of a slacker teen who reluctantly returns to haunt his old friends. Now, according to Marvel Studios chairman and CEO Avi Arad, plans are moving forward on a full-length movie. “We absolutely love Mort, and these eight minutes, unedited, tells you why we should make the movie,” Arad said of the teen-oriented film, which will have a “Beetlejuice” sensibility. “This guy [who directed the test footage] should make the movie, but he’s a first-time director. He got Jessica to do it. He basically wanted to show the tone and his understanding of the Mort idea, and he nailed it. Everyone who sees it loves it.”

Simpson can next be seen on the big screen in “The Dukes of Hazzard” on August 5th.

Source: MTV