Mark Hamill on The Black Pearl

‘Doug’ from Shadow Chronicles News tells us he interviewed Mark Hamill (“Star Wars,” “Comic Book: The Movie”) about the upcoming “Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles”. In the interview, Hamill also talked about his new movie, The Black Pearl. Here’s a clip:

But what happened is that there seemed to be a sort of a renewed interest in The Black Pearl because of the great success of all of these comic book movies. The sort of paradox is that it’s the anti-comic book movie. It’s why there can’t be a Batman, why putting on an outfit and being a costumed avenger is, in the real world, something that would get you arrested.

So it’s very tricky because on the one hand, they want a comic book movie, [but] we don’t want it to turn into a special effects extravaganza. It’s finally in a form that I really like in where it’s a character study, it’s somebody that’s slowly becoming unraveled and makes this desperate choice that nearly ruins his life. So it’s more in the realm of Fargo or Dog Day Afternoon than it is a Spider-man, Superman or Batman.

The full interview is available at the link above, in which he also mentions he’d like to direct the film.

Source: Shadow Chronicles News