Son of the Mask Twister Contest in Manhattan

New Line Cinema and Milton Bradley are teaming up to host a unique Twister Contest on Feb. 14 at 4pm at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan (CMOM). The event is inspired by a memorable scene in the upcoming family comedy Son of the Mask in which Alan Cumming’s character plays a wild game of Twister, contorting in a variety of moves with the help of the magical Mask.

Son of the Mask stars Jamie Kennedy and Alan Cumming will be on hand to participate in the festivities, along with children who have won promotions through the New York Post and WPLJ-FM and patrons of the Children’s Museum.

In addition to hosting this special event at CMOM, New Line will donate $5,000 to the museum which will go towards CMOM’s public programs, helping to make high quality entertainment and art and science workshops accessible to children of all means.

Source: New Line Cinema