Dave McKean Reveals MirrorMask Clips!

‘Antonello Blueberry’ wrote in from Italy about new MirrorMask clips that were shown by director Dave McKean.

Last week Dave McKean was in a little town near Rome to act as President of the International Jury for the animation Festival “Castelli animati”. While there (or better, here), he showed some of his past video works, music videos and shorts, and a couple of clips of MirrorMask. He introduced them saying he completed the movie only a couple of days earlier and telling how difficult it was doing such a complex movie on the shoestring budget they gave him.

The two sequences I saw were unbelievably stunning: the first one was a musical number in which golden robotic mannequins springing from some sort of carillon boxes, transform the young Helena, the main character of the movie, from a bland looking girl into a punk-like Alice in wonderland.

The second one was the attempt from the Queen of Shadows to capture Helena and her friend Valentine, trying to escape her. It starts with the Queen having a sort of meeting with some grotesque counsellors, when a little porcupine creature comes in to inform that Helena has fled.

Dave McKean himself acted as a model for the motion capture of the little porcupine.

Judging from those clips MirrorMask promises to be at least a visual orgy filled with beautiful monstrosities.

And Dave himself later told that he plans to adapt another collaboration with Neil Gaiman “Signal to Noise” as a movie.

Source: Antonello Blueberry