Renny Harlin Catches Full Moon Fever

Director Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger) has come on-board to develop a feature based on the upcoming graphic novel, Full Moon Fever, for producers Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter. Created by prolific “X-Men” and “Superman” comic book writer Joe Casey for publisher AIT/Planet Lair, the story is set in the not too distant future and revolves around a group of blue-collar workers who shuttle to the moon to repair the first lunar base, only to find it deserted. They soon discover that they’re not alone as they become prey to a pack of ravenous werewolves.

The high concept hook of putting werewolves on the moon, where on the lunar surface, it’s always full, allowing the creatures to constantly be in the their lycan form appealed to Askarieh when Casey first pitched him the project at this past summer’s San Diego Comic Con.

Alter likened the project to another comic book series that was picked up by Sony Pictures and Sam Raimi in a heated bidding war 2 years ago, 30 Days of Night.

That project did the same with regard to turning mythology on it’s head via vampire lore, placing the bloodsuckers in an Alaskan town where the sun doesn’t shine for as much as a month at a time. Like that other project’s creator, Steve Niles, Full Moon Fever writer Casey is scripting his own adaptation, developing it closely with Harlin, Askarieh, and Alter.

Harlin most recently enjoyed success with “Exorcist: The Beginning,” which topped the box office in August. Askarieh and Alter, both huge fans of his, thought the helmer would be a great fit for the material.

“We both think that ‘Deep Blue Sea’ is one of the best films in it’s genre, said Alter, “and I remembered that Renny was originally developing the third installment in the “Alien” franchise back in the early 90s. So it became a mandate to get him on this project.”

Askarieh and Alter are also spear-heading efforts to ensure the development of a Full Moon Fever video-game to coincide with with the eventual film’s release. Askarieh is no stranger to the interactive arena. He is producing the video game adaptation of “Spy-Hunter” at Universal, a summer 2006 tent-pole set to star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and be directed by John Woo, which the studio hopes will kick-start a new franchise.

Harlin is repped by WMA. Askarieh’s Prime Universe and Alter’s Alter Ego Entertainment are partnered on a number of projects. Howard Sun, who with Alter maintains lit management shingle, Alter/Sun, will be a co-producer on Full Moon Fever.

Source: Prime Universe