Kishiro on the Battle Angel Alita Movie

Battle Angel Alita (aka “GUNNM”) writer Yukito Kishiro has confirmed on his official website that “Titanic” and “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” helmer James Cameron is attached to direct the big screen adaptation.

I made an agreement about film adaptation of “GUNNM” with the

movie director James Cameron. I can’t tell you in detail I have the

confidentiality agreement. It is yet to be determined by him when start making it and released on. An official announcement will be made after a decision of starting time. Often they will give up movie projects or make it for more than a decade, you could guess that the GUNNM movie will get put together as well as I could. Please pray for quick and complete making the amazing movie, and warmly watch and wait in the long term.

You can learn about the character, the story, and view pictures here.