Scary Movie 3 Team Tackles Superhero!

Dimension Films has set its “Scary Movie 3” team of David Zucker, Craig Mazin and Robert Weiss to tackle Superhero!, reports Variety.

The trade says the comedy will poke fun at the multitude of superhero films, from Spider-Man to next summer’s Batman Begins and Fantastic Four. Mazin will script, Zucker will direct and Weiss is producing.

The trio also is continuing work on “Scary Movie 4,” which is a Dimension priority given that the third film made $110 million.

Dimension Films co-chairman Bob Weinstein and co-presidents Brad Weston and Andrew Rona signed them to work on both the Superhero! and “Scary Movie 4” scripts at the same time. It is considered likely that Superhero! will go into production next spring, with “Scary Movie 4” to follow.

Source: Variety