Adrian Askarieh & Daniel Alter License Aftermath

Variety reports that producers Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter have licensed Aftermath, a new line of comic books from publisher Devil’s Due. They’re planning to adapt the titles, set in a self-contained universe, for film, TV and video games.

Aftermath features several new characters created by veteran comicbook talents, including “Blade of Kumori,” a modern female samurai; “Defex,” about a group of college students who alter their DNA; “Breakdown,” the private life of the world’s first superhero; and “Infantry,” about the survivor of a military experiment.

Producers are in talks with several vidgame publishers. They’re hoping to create a series of games featuring all of Aftermath’s characters across consoles, online games and wireless devices.

On the film and TV front, they’re aiming to sell the Aftermath characters individually for separate projects.

The Aftermath will launch this fall and here’s a look at both Breakdown and Blade of Kumori

Source: Variety