AVP at eBay and Collector Trading Cards

20th Century Fox and eBay have teamed-up to promote Alien vs. Predator on the auction site. Apparently it’s the first time a streaming clip is shown on eBay and you can check out the features of the special section at the link above.

Also, Inkworks has sent us this press release about new trading cards for the film…

In the summer movie, ALIEN VS. PREDATOR, whoever wins, we lose. In the meantime, however, collectors can win with the release of premium trading cards based on this highly-anticipated film, bringing to the screen a match-up of two classic alien races: Alien vs. Predator.

The 90-card series will be loaded with features, including all the action and suspense of the movie story, the AVP Gallery, behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film and much more. Plus, look for additional randomly inserted bonus cards including:

– AUTOGRAPH CARDS – ONE PER BOX! – Seven cards featuring autographs of the stars of the movie, including: Sanaa Lathan (Lex), Colin Salmon (Max), Ian Whyte (Scar), Sam Troughton (Thomas), Agathe de la Boulaye (Adele), Joseph Rye (Connors), Adrian Bouchet (Sven). (Seven different cards – Inserted approximately 1:36 packs – one per box).

– SURVIVAL OF THE FIERCEST- Nine-card foil puzzle featuring the showdown – Alien vs. Predator. (Nine different cards – Inserted approximately 1:11 packs).

– THE DEADLIEST GAME- Six foil cards that take a look at the history and background of the Aliens and Predators. (Six cards – Inserted approximately 1:17 packs).

– PIECEWORKS® CARDS – ONE PER BOX! – Seven cards featuring pieces of the actual costumes worn on-screen in the movie. The costumes include: Parka worn by Sanaa Lathan as Lex. Parka worn by Lance Henriksen as Weyland. Overalls worn by Carsten Norgaard as Quinn. Jacket worn by Colin Salmon as Max. Trousers worn by Colin Salmon as Max. Parka worn by Tommy Flanagan as Verheiden. Parka worn by Joseph Rye as Connors. (Seven different cards – Inserted approximately 1:36 packs – one per box).

– BOX LOADER CARDS – Three different box loader cards – Blood Hunters. (Three different cards – one card per sealed display box).

– CASE LOADER CARD – Each case will contain an individually hand-drawn, numbered SKETCH CARD from one of three comic artists. Artists are: Tone Rodriguez, William O’Neill and Joel Gomez. (One sketch card per sealed shipping case). Examples of some of the sketch cards can be found on the Inkworks website at www.inkworks.com.


==> As a special bonus for collectors some of the hand-drawn sketch cards that are also being used as case loaders have been randomly inserted into packs.

==> Inkworks has also just announced that Lance Henriksen (Weyland), star of Alien, Alien3, and Millennium, has graciously agreed to autograph cards for the ALIEN VS. PREDATOR release. This autograph was not originally planned as part of the set, but was worked out with Mr. Henriksen at the recent San Diego Comic Con. These autographs will be signed on a base card from the set, but will each be embossed to certify that they are authentic Inkworks autographs. Cards will be shipped to retailers based on qualifying AVP orders and previous AVP shipments. Retailers should contact their distributor or the Inkworks sales office for more details.

Each pack of ALIEN VS. PREDATOR trading cards contains seven premium trading cards and has a suggested retail price of $2.29. Display boxes contain 36 packs. Cases contain 10 display boxes. An ALIEN VS. PREDATOR collector album has been specially created to hold the trading cards (SRP $19.95). 199 sequentially numbered uncut mini-press sheets of the “Survival of the Fiercest” puzzle will be available at a suggested retail price of $69.95.

Source: Superhero Hype!