New Picture & Article on Nielsen’s Zeroman

The Calgary Sun has posted the first picture from Leslie Nielsen’s animated Zeroman and here’s a few clips from the preview article…

The veteran Canadian actor — who went from serious thespian to comic clown prince in a single bound thanks to Airplane! and The Naked Gun — provides the voice of animated hero Zeroman. The series of the same name was one of four shows Teletoon unveiled as part of its fall line-up Aug. 5 in Toronto.

Speaking to the Sun, Nielsen recalls that the original pitch for Zeroman, airing Saturdays and Sundays, was a superhero who would be, predictably, a “Frank Drebin-style character.”

The name, he explains, may sound like his hero is incompetent — which he is — but it actually refers to “zero crime. He’s looking to eradicate crime totally.”

Check out the image and full article at the link above!

Source: Calgary Sun