Leslie Nielsen on the Animated Zeroman

Leslie Nielsen talked to the Ottawa Sun about his upcoming Zeroman, a half-hour animated series in which he’ll voiceover his own image. The show is a spoof on the crime-fighting superhero. Here’s clips from the interview…

By day, Zeroman is a thick-headed and mild-mannered postman. That is, until he puts on his costume, which transforms him into a snow-haired Nielsen clone with a bizarre array of powers he has trouble controlling.

Two of Zeroman’s stranger powers are the ability to walk really fast and, thanks to a highly charged lactose intolerance, produce enough gas to fly.

“It’s a natural generation from Frank Drebbin,” Nielsen says over the phone from his home in Arizona, referring to his Naked Gun character. “He’s fundamentally dumb and stupid, but the wonderful thing about him is that he doesn’t know it, but I do.”

Doing the voice of Zeroman is a perfect fit for Nielsen’s southern lifestyle, because he can record the show in Arizona. He’s also committed to doing the series “as long as it’s successful,” he says.

Click the link above for the full article, which also says that Ryan Reynolds will voice brilliant sidekick Tycheese, and “Kids in the Hall” alumnus Kevin MacDonald plays the evil Rusty Woodenwater.

Source: Ottawa Sun