UPDATE: Werewolf By Night Bus Ad Spotted in LA

‘Muffin’ spotted this interesting ad for Werewolf By Night

While I was holidaying in LA in early March I spotted this on the side of bus. As I haven’t heard any news of it I thought you might want to know about it.

We know that Director John Fasano is attached to direct from a script by Hans Rodionoff and Robert Nelson Jacobs. Marvel Studios’ Avi Arad described the film as a fantasy/romance which will be somewhere in-between a family movie and an R-rated film.

UPDATE: ‘Larry’ gave us this explanation as to what the advertisement is for…

The Werewolf by Night advert was not on the side of a city bus, but on the side of a shuttle for the American Film Market in Santa Monica. They are often plastered with ads for independent productions seeking distribution (both foriegn and domestic) and are often for films that have yet to be shot. They sometimes turn out to be for films that never get made (e.g. “She-Hulk” with Bridgette Neilson).

Source: Muffin