McFarlane Toys Reveals Alien vs. Predator Line

McFarlane Toys has revealed the five new figures in the Alien vs. Predator toy line at They’ll be available in August and included are Scar Predator, Elder Predator, Celtic Predator, Battle Grid Alien, and Battle Alien. Here’s how the company describes the film:

Upon discovering a tunnel leading to an ancient, massive underground pyramid, Lex, a female adventurer/environmentalist, leads a team of explorers on a quest 2,000 feet below the Antarctic surface. The pyramid is a 5,000-year-old training ground for Predators, where they earn their “warrior status” by killing the Aliens, using humans as sacrificial bait. It is here, in the maze of chambers and shifting walls, where she partners with a doomed Predator, becoming a “hunter” herself, when her team is caught up in a fierce battle between the Predators and Aliens.

Visit the link above to check out images of the figures!