Lorenzo DiBonaventura Talks G.I. Joe Adaptation

‘Stax’ from IGN Filmforce alerted us that the May issue of ToyFare Magazine features an exclusive interview with G.I. Joe producer Lorenzo DiBonaventura…

He confirmed that G.I. Joe will feature an updated take on Cobra Command, as well as origins for a few key characters. The producer also promised that fans are “definitely going to see ninja and martial arts aspects in the story.”

“It’s been an education for me in reading the comic books and seeing the shows and getting to know the characters that I wasn’t familiar with growing up,” said DiBonaventura. “We’ve been trying to get inside Duke, who will be our lead character, and fleshing out what Duke stands for, what his internal fears are and trying to craft a story that highlights that and plays off that.”

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Source: IGN Filmforce