Platinum Studios to Develop Live-Action Unleashed

Variety reports that comic book entertainment company Platinum Studios (Jeremiah) will develop the live-action feature film Unleashed, based on characters from Myatt Murphy’s graphic novel and comic series “Two Over Ten.”

Described as “The Fugitive” meets “Firestarter,” story follows a man with an uncontrollable affliction that causes things he touches to explode. He’s forced to go on the run from authorities and a ruthless enemy intent on harnessing his destructive power.

In addition to “Unleashed,” Platinum will develop other characters from the same series for film and TV projects.

“The comic is a gold mine of characters and story hooks,” said Platinum chairman Scott Mitchell Rosenberg. “The story is action and drama, but the core has to do with just what ordinary people do when tossed into extraordinary circumstances.”

Platinum is also developing the sci-fi action-adventure Unique for Touchstone, about a man trapped between parallel worlds. David Goyer is attached to direct that film from a script by Michael Cooney (Identity).

Source: Variety