UPDATE: First Look at the New Green Hornet Logo?

News Askew has posted what looks to be the logo for Kevin Smith’s The Green Hornet adaptation. They report…

Looks like a very modern update for “Green Hornet”, juding from this very early take on the Green Hornet logo that looks to be from Miramax. With the film still a year off, there’s plenty of time for concept logos and art, though this seems to be in step with the statements that Kevin has making about keeping the story and characters the same, but current. We dig it.

Hit the link above to check it out.

UPDATE: Both ‘Torakhan’ and ‘Andy’ alerted us that Kevin Smith himself denied that this will be the new logo. He posted the following on his official message board:

That’s not the new logo. It’s a logo from a press kit Miramax put together back when they picked up “Hornet”, but it’s not gonna be the official logo for the flick.

Source: News Askew