UPDATED: Goyer, Reynolds & Millar Aboard Deadpool?

IGN Filmforce has received some cool new bits on Marvel’s Deadpool adaptation, which apparently is now housed at New Line…

Reliable sources have advised us that [Mark] Millar will script the live-action, big-screen adaptation of the Marvel Comics anti-hero Deadpool. Oh, but that’s not all we were told!

We were also advised that none other than screenwriter-director David Goyer would direct Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds cast as the title character. They recently wrapped filming on Marvel’s Blade: Trinity, which Goyer wrote and directed with Reynolds co-starring as Hannibal King.

UPDATE: Mark Millar himself wrote on his message board this morning that the project he’s writing has nothing to do with David Goyer or Deadpool, so consider the above news debunked. Thanks to ‘Nick’ for the heads up.

Source: IGN Filmforce