Don Cheadle or Ja Rule in Julius Adaptation?

Moviehole sent us this update about another possible graphic novel adaptation…

A previously reliable scooper – apparently got his bootie kicked for the last item he emailed – Has news on yet another comic to film.

“…There’s some buzz around a comic called JULIUS that comes out next month from Oni. Oni’s apparently slipped it to a few people before it’s actually released, and it’s starting to pop up on tracking boards. It’s a modern-day reworking of JULIUS CAESAR set in the gangster world. The basic plot’s the same, but it definitely feels up-to-date.”

According to the scooper ‘Julius’ has already caught the eye of the film world. It’s believed both Don Cheadle and Ja Rule are frontrunners for the role of the Julius character.

For more details on the graphic novel, click here. Thanks to ‘Clint’ for the heads up.

Source: Moviehole