Len Wein Talks Swamp Thing Movie

UGO talked to comic writer and Swamp Thing co-creator Len Wein about the upcoming movie. Here’s a few snippets…

UGO: The Man-Thing movie is coming. I always wondered what you and Bernie thought of that.

LW: There are a couple of elements to that particular question. One of which is that I was rooming with Gerry Conway who wrote the first Man-Thing story. It was just independent creation. We were doing Swamp Thing and Gerry and I think Gray Morrow was doing Man-Thing. Neither of us knew the other was doing the same thing. The weirdest aspect is that I actually wrote the second Man-Thing story; the whole “Whatever knows fear burns at the Man-Thing’s touch”. In Gerry’s first story anything the Man-Thing touched burned. It was a protagonist who could never interact with anybody so I came up with the idea of fear.

I am also writing the script for a brand new Swamp Thing film for Joel Silver to produce.

UGO: That’s fantastic. Are you into the first draft?

LW: I have a first draft and doing some modifications now. I’m expecting to hand it in soon. Then it goes to Warner Bros and we’ll see what happens then.

UGO: How are you doing it?

LW: It’s a horror movie. The new Man-Thing movie sounds just like what the old Swamp Thing was. I think it has a budget of $5 million. The Swamp Thing has a budget of way beyond that. When I had my first meeting with Joel the first thing he said was “No guy in a rubber suit.” Swamp Thing will be all CGI.

UGO: I can’t imagine what you thought of the Swamp Thing movies.

LW: The moments that were out of the comic were fine, the rest of it not so much. Coincidentally I ran into the director the second movie [The Return of Swamp Thing] Jim Wynorski recently and we were chatting about it briefly.

But the Swamp Thing movie has a lot of elements of mine and Bernie’s run, Alan Moore’s run and it is definitely a horror movie.

UGO: I know Bernie works on movies. Will he be involved?

LW: Yes he will be involved in the design work.

Hit the link above for the full interview! Thanks to ‘Swampman99’ for the heads up.

Source: UGO