Platinum Studios Options Dark Fringe & Rust

Variety reports that Scott Rosenberg’s Platinum Studios has picked up the feature rights for The Dark Fringe and Rust

Scott Rosenberg, who ushered “Men in Black” from the comicbook pages to the bigscreen, has optioned two independent comics for his producing company, Platinum Studios.

Platinum will create live-action versions of graphic novel “The Dark Fringe,” created, written and inked by Eman R. Torre and published by Atomic Rocket Prods., and “Rust,” created by Steve Miller.

In “Dark Fringe,” a cop investigates the death of his wife; after he believes he has the crime solved, the alleged killer promises to lead the cop to the man who did the deed. It’s up to the cop to decide whether to trust the man who appears to be her killer. Rosenberg equated its dark gritty tone with that of the graphic novel upon which “Road to Perdition” was based.

“Rust” concerns a police officer covered in metal after an accident who is attempting to regain his humanity. Afraid to show his disfigured self in public, his sculptures bring him some acclaim. “It has a bit of the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ element,” Rosenberg said.

Platinum Studios also produces Showtime’s Jeremiah series.

Source: Variety