Spoiler From the Watchmen Movie Script?

While Variety reports that filming is scheduled to start in Prague sometime next year, Comic Book Resources has received possible word about the Watchmen script. It’s definitely a spoiler, so turn back now if you’d rather not know a thing about the adaptation.

After we asked him to scrounge around, he found the script in question, and wrote, “I have it in my hand now, it’s written by David Hayter and is a third draft written back in July of this year. I’m not sure of any other names in the production, other than the person I know. However if I remember correctly the reason the movie wasn’t made was someone higher wasn’t confident in the director which I was told may have been Hayter himself. Although the guy I know was a bit vague about that so I may be wrong. Also in the script, the alien teleporting thing is replaced with a solar beam weapon that vapourises everyone.

Thanks to ‘John’ for the heads up.

Source: Comic Book Resources