Ahsoka Episode 6

Ahsoka Episode 6 Goes All-in on Star Wars Rebels

Ahsoka Episode 6 was filled with exciting plot progression and, at times, Dune-esque imagery that made the newest installment truly stand out. Let’s examine some of the most important scenes and pieces of information we got in this week’s episode of the live-action Star Wars series.

Ahsoka Episode 6

Meet the Nightsisters

Ahsoka Episode 6 saw the fearsome Nightsisters move from the animated sphere to a live-action series. Whether it’s because Dune is so fresh on my mind or because I didn’t experience it until years after watching The Clone Wars, I was struck by the feeling that the eerie sisters channeled a bit of the Bene Gesserit in this debut.

Regardless, for the uninitiated, the Nightsisters are a clan of magick-wielders who first appeared in the Star Wars Expanded Universe in 1994’s The Courtship of Princess Leia. In canon, their first major role came in The Clone Wars, with characters like Asajj Ventress and Savage Oppress being associated with the mystical women.

Baylan Explains It All

In today’s episode, Baylan Skoll gives a bit of additional insight into his past as a Jedi prior to the rise of the Galactic Empite. We learn that Skoll was slightly older than his current apprentice, Shin Hati, when the Jedi Order fell.

Skoll also speaks about how Ezra wasn’t necessarily a “true” Jedi apprentice since he was raised outside of the order. When Hati notes that they’re similar in that regard, Skoll tells her this is untrue, ominously noting that he’s trained her to be “something more” than a Jedi.

Ahsoka Episode 6

Thrawn Makes His Grand Debut

Finally, after weeks of anticipation, Grand Admiral Thrawn makes his live-action debut in Ahsoka Episode 6. If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for this moment for quite some time, as Thrawn has been a fan favorite Expanded Universe (and then Canon) character for decades.

Just as in his first canon animated appearance in Star Wars Rebels, Thrawn was in fine form in this live-action debut (where he is once again played by the immensely talented Lars Mikkelsen.) Calm, calculating, tactical, and reasonable, Thrawn showed himself to be every bit as capable here as he’s been in the past. He honors Baylan Skoll’s deal with Sabine, but ensures that it won’t come back to haunt him by sending Skoll and his apprentice to make sure that if Sabine finds Ezra, they won’t become an issue. I’m excited to see more of Thrawn in the next two episodes, as I have great confidence he’ll continue to be portrayed with excellence.

A Power Greater Than Their Own

Another ominous conversation between Skoll and Hati was about how Skoll could feel something strange about the planet of Peridea. Given it’s apparently the original home of the Nightsisters and is surrounded by a ring of Purrgil bones, it’s fair to say the place is a little eerie.

Even so, Hati notes that the Nightsisters and Thrawn all seem desperate to leave as soon as possible. I assume this is setting up something freaky about the place that will be revealed as the series comes to a close, but the hints thus far are intriguing to say the least. Also, given this is where Purrgil’s come to die, that upbeat ending from the previous episode feels a little more comically morbid now.

Ahsoka Episode 6

Ezra’s Long-Awaited Return

Finally, Ahsoka Episode 6 saw the return of Ezra Bridger. After he and Thrawn blasted away in the Chimaera at the end of Star Wars Rebels, fans have long wondered where the duo would be and if they were alive, allies, or forever stranded. Now, we have our answer.

Ezra seems to be living amongst the crablike Noti somewhat peacefully, with Thrawn only being vaguely aware of where Ezra is. My guess is Thrawn didn’t want to waste his limited resources on revenge when he had no clue how long he’d be stranded on Peridea for, so he only maintained rough intel on Ezra to ensure he wouldn’t mess with any of Thrawn’s plans. Though Ezra feels almost wizened here, it’s good to see the upbeat young Jedi again. I can’t wait to see how he’s grown and changed as he, Sabine, and Ahsoka all clash with Thrawn in the last two episodes of the season.