Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury?

Samuel L. Jackson talked to Tiscali Entertainment and mentioned he’s been in for talks about Nick Fury. He also talks about his role in Pixar’s The Incredibles

Well, you know that Marvel comics has re-modelled one of their characters to look just like you!

“Yeah, I know! I’ve seen that… the guy from Shield.”

Nick Fury.

“Yeah, Nick Fury. I actually have those. Well… okay…. I talked to them actually.

You chatted with Avi Arad and Marvel?

“I had a meeting a couple of months ago. And we were talking about trying to find the possibilities there. Actually, I am already a superhero – in an animated film.

Ah.. The Incredibles. But you play a bad guy in that, don’t you?

“No! I’m a good guy! I’m Mr Incredible’s best friend. I’m Frozon.”

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Source: Tiscali Entertainment