Dead End Director Eyes Shazam!

With the success of the fan-favorite Batman: Dead End, director Sandy Collora has his sights set on another legendary hero!

Here’s what Sandy has to say about Shazam!

It’s pretty rare when a script captures my imagination and inspires me so much, that I have to read it twice, or even rarer still, THREE times. SHAZAM! By William Goldman is just such a script, but it’s something more… A lot more.

Captain Marvel is one of my favorite superheroes. I’ve always been drawn to him because Billy Batson was like every fifteen-year-old boy I knew… he was like me. The only difference is Billy Batson was given the power of being the mightiest hero in the world, something every young boy hopes to be in one way or another.

But, as so eloquently put in another of my favorite comic book movies; “With great power, comes great responsibility.” After the reality of being Captain Marvel has manifested itself in his psyche, Billy is faced with a dilemma that is played out impeccably in this script.

Goldman has truly captured the spirit of Billy Batson’s plight, both as Captain Marvel, and as a fifteen-year-old boy trying to figure out his place in the world. Like it’s tremendously successful predecessors “SUPERMAN” and “SPIDERMAN”, Goldman has stoked this script’s furnace with what most comic book films lack… HEART.

I FEEL this film… I SEE this film… every moment, every frame… every ounce of trepidation and frustration Billy feels, every detail of Captain Marvel’s costume, every magnificent beam of magic hour light that bathes his muscular frame with the girl in his arms as he majestically floats skyward.

I had always hoped that someday, someone would make a SHAZAM! movie, now I sincerely hope with every fiber of my being, that someone will be me.

New Line Cinema is producing Shazam! – SHH! is ready when they are to get Shazam Hype! up and running… Captain Marvel was co-created by C.C. Beck and William Parker in 1940.

Source: The Sandman