David F. Sandberg Says Shazam! 2 Was Supposed To Shoot This Year

Late last year, Warner Bros. Pictures announced that Shazam! 2 will open on April 1, 2022. However, the novel coronavirus pandemic may have jeopardized plans for the Shazam! sequel to begin filming later this year. Via, director David F. Sandberg offered an update about Shazam! 2’s current status during a Quarantine Watch Party of the original film.

“Well, we’ll see how long this goes, because I mean, we were going to start shooting this year,” said Sandberg. “But, I mean, who knows how long this will go on? I mean, it feels like every movie gets delayed now, so we’ll see what happens with Shazam!. But so far, I’ve been working on the script.”

“We can still do that, so that’s being done and then… we’ll just see in a couple of months how it looks,” added Sandberg. “Some of [the time] has been watching movies. We have a little bit of work that we can do remotely, we have meetings via Zoom. I’ve never heard of that app before this happened, and now it’s all Zoom. Yeah, it’s not too weird for us. We’re indoors a bit more. I’m sitting down and learning new software and doing little tests, things like that.”

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Presumably, Asher Angel will reprise his role as Billy Batson, while Zachary Levi will portray Billy’s adult counterpart as Shazam. Faithe Herman, Grace Fulton, Ian Chen, Ross Butler, and Jovan Armand are also likely to return as Billy’s foster siblings.

The mid-credits scene for Shazam! set up Mister Mind as the sequel’s big bad. However, story details beyond that have yet to be released.

Are you glad to hear that Sandberg is keeping busy on Shazam! 2 despite the quarantine? Let us know in the comment section below!

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