Walden Media Flies with Mortimer’s Biblionauts

Walden Media has acquired the rights to Adam Mortimer’s as-yet-unpublished comic book proposal Biblionauts. Walden is working with Susan Montford and Don Murphy of Angry Films to turn the property into a series of tentpole motion pictures.

The story follows two kids who stumble upon a device invented by an eccentric scientist that enables them to be transported into great works of fiction. The kids embark on a series of spectacular adventures only to realize that someone is changing the outcome of classic books and altering real world history.

Montford and Murphy are developing Guillermo del Toro’s “At the Mountains of Madness” for DreamWorks Pictures. Murphy is casting The Crash Detectives, a Barry Levinson-helmed film that’s based on a David Veloz script at Stratus/Universal.

Source: Variety