David Boreanaz Talks The Crow: Wicked Prayer

Zap2it interviewed “Angel” star David Boreanaz about his role in the upcoming The Crow: Wicked Prayer. Here’s a clip…

Boreanaz plays Luc Crash, the leader of a satanic biker gang who murders a young man named Jimmy Cuervo (Edward Furlong) and his girlfriend, Lily (Emmanuelle Chriqui), as part of a ritual to turn Crash into an immortal demon (honestly, wouldn’t it just have been easier for Angel to bite him?).

In true “Crow” tradition, Cuervo rises from the dead to take revenge. Tara Reid, Dennis Hopper and Macy Gray also star.

“I was a bad guy,” Boreanaz says. “He was the leader of [this gang called] The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, an ex-con. It was great. I had a lot of fun. It was a hard-paced film. We shot in 23 days. It was not an easy shoot.

“But from what I hear from the trailer, it looks great. I’ve seen a little bit of dailies, I’m happy. Dimension Films is happy. It could breathe some good life into a franchise that’s been dead for a while.”

There’s more of the interview available at the source link above!

Source: Zap2it