The New Michel Vaillant Trailer Online!

Scooper ‘Millennium Movies’ alerted us that the official French trailer for Michel Vaillant is now available online…

Just wanted to let you know the final trailer for Michel Vaillant the movie is now online on the official site of it’s production company Europa Corp HERE in either Quicktime or Windows Media Player. Just select either one from under “bande annonce” and enjoy! Altough the trailer is in french, it’s really worth a look since it just simply rocks (a must see for race fans).

Also the first album by UK band “Archive” (see cover here) is already out in France since october 7th and will be followed by the film’s official soundtrack by the same band, on november 4th.

The final poster and some new pictures have also come online.

That’s it for me now!

Thanks for the heads up!

Source: Millennium Movies