Captain America Part of Drawn Together Reality Show

Variety has some funny news about an animated reality show coming to Comedy Central in October, 2004…

Comedy Central has ordered eight episodes of “Drawn Together,” the first animated “reality” show.

Former “The Man Show” scribes Matt Silverstein and Dave Jeser will write and exec produce the [series], which takes elements of “Real World” and “Big Brother” and puts toon characters into classic reality situations: i.e., lots of drinking, fornicating and backstabbing. [It] will play out as if it were an actual reality [series] in which toons from different genres and styles had been brought together to live under one roof.

The animated housemates, developed by Silverstein, Jeser and Jordan Young (“The Simpsons”), seem inspired by toon icons such as Captain America, Betty Boop and SpongeBob SquarePants, as well as more generic archetypes such as the fairy princess, a videogame warrior and a foul-mouthed Internet toon.

Stay tuned for more news on this show. Thanks to ‘Titan’ for the heads up.

Source: Variety, Titan