Marvel Exploring Film Production of Lesser-Known Titles

Variety says that Marvel is looking to make films for its lesser-known titles as well…

Gotham-based comic company Marvel Enterprises is exploring a move into film production in an effort to drill deeper into its library of 4,700 comicbook heros and villains and retain equity in the films its characters spawn.

It will roll out an ambitious strategic agenda that includes producing its own slate of mid-budget films and direct-to-video productions revolving around some of its less well-known characters, primarily financed by third parties.

Avi Arad, prexy-CEO of Marvel Studios, said Marvel has a unique ability to raise financing thanks to the “trump card” of its well-known stable. “It’s a sure thing to open and it’s strong on DVD,” he said of potential Marvel character-based pics.

Arad is eyeing films with budgets between $8 million and $50 million, but will leave distribution and blockbuster pics to the studios.

He would not reveal which titles Marvel wants to develop but noted that even lesser-known comic brands like “Blade” had developed huge box office followings.

Source: Variety