Lorenzo di Bonaventure Developing G.I. Joe Movie

Hasbro, Inc. announced today an agreement with prominent film producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura to develop and produce a full-length, live-action feature film based on Hasbro’s legendary G.I. Joe brand.

“A ‘G.I. Joe’ live-action movie is a natural,” said di Bonaventura, a film producer and former Executive Vice President and Head of Worldwide Production and Domestic Marketing for Warner Brothers. “Three generations of children grew up with the G.I. JOE brand and after nearly 40 years, it’s an honor to be able to bring the saga and its characters to life on movie screens.”

“A live-action film will deliver high energy and non-stop excitement to the millions of fathers and sons that share awesome memories of ‘G.I. Joe’,” said Brian Goldner, President of Hasbro’s U.S. Toys Segment. “Lorenzo has an amazing track-record for picking winners in the entertainment industry and we are thrilled at his enthusiasm and approach towards the ‘G.I. Joe’ brand.”

When Hasbro launched the G.I. Joe brand in 1964, it gave the world its very first “action figure” and defined childhood for millions of fans around the world. Since then, G.I. Joe has come to symbolize patriotism, honor and courage, and is one of the best-selling male action brands of all time. With double-digit increases in toy sales over the past four years, it is clear that a new generation of boys have discovered the excitement of the G.I. Joe brand.

“The depth of the ‘G.I. Joe’ brand provides incredible opportunities to integrate the property into many lifestyle areas,” said Jane Ritson-Parsons, President of the Hasbro Properties Group. “From a highly successful publishing program to a wide variety of relevant consumer product categories, we are able to involve fans of all ages into the adventurous world of ‘G.I. Joe’.”

While at Warner Brothers, di Bonaventura oversaw production of the Harry Potter series of films, the Matrix series, and Scooby-Doo, among many others. He is currently producing the Warner Brothers feature film Constantine, starring Keanu Reeves, and based on the comic book Hellblazer.

Source: Hasbro, Inc.