Cast and Filming Details for Man-Thing

Moviehole sent us this update on the cast and filming for Man-Thing.

Just received word from Sydney’s Serenity Cove’s Kurnell studios that the film adaptation of Marvel’s “Man-Thing” started filming last week. “Started filming last week basically, and we will be here till March next year”, said a source on the film, being directed by Brett Leonard [“Virtuosity”]. “The new studios here are just fantastic. We couldn’t have asked for more. Many have said it before me but I think this will be one of the best comic to flick movies yet”. According to the source, Kurnell’s new studios are being used for interior scenes, and across from it they’re using land for adjacent scenes.

We can also now exclusively reveal who’s going to star in the film too. They are Matthew Le Nevez [“Garage Days”, “Peaches”], the great Jack Thompson [American readers will know him best from “Star Wars Episode II”], newcomer Rachel Taylor and Alex O’Lachlan, whose straight out of NIDA. Imogen Bailey, previously rumoured to have a role, has also been confirmed as having a small part. TV Presenter Mieke Buchan, Leonard’s girlfriend was rumoured to be involved – but that’s apparently false. “I think the stars of the movie will be the make-up, costume and effects department in this case. Of course gorgeous Sydney weather plays a nice part too”, says our contact.

Thanks to ‘Clint’ for the heads up.

Source: Moviehole